Methods of Document Recognition and Authentication

WES Staff VIEW ARCHIVED WEBINAR ON OBTAINING INTERNATIONAL CREDENTIAL DOCUMENTS The authenticity of foreign educational documents has taken on a new meaning in the last year. While those who specialize in foreign-credential evaluation have always made it a priority, the issue has gained new attention….

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The Higher Education System in Vietnam

By Kristy Kelly, Director, Institute of International Education/Vietnam ACCESS OUR LATEST PROFILE ON EDUCATION IN VIETNAM Acknowledgments: This report was compiled from information provided by the World Bank and the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. World Education Services and the US Information Agency…

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New Structure of Bulgarian Higher Education

Margaret Dobrow-King, Senior Area Specialist, WES On Dec. 12, 1995, the Bulgarian National Assembly passed the Higher Education Act. This legislation outlined the new structure of higher education and set guidelines for the new academic titles and degrees to be awarded. It also made clear…

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